Etsy Integration Guide


LeadDyno offers a One-click integration with Esty, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your Etsy shop.

Because Etsy does not allow modification of your sites HTML, the LeadDyno affiliate program is based on Discount/Affiliate Codes, not on affiliate links.

Note: Etsy only allows 100 active coupon codes at any one time.

Connecting To Etsy

First visit the E-Commerce Services Tab of the Integrations section:

Etsy Setup

Or click Here if you already have a LeadDyno account.

Next click on the Connect To Etsy button. You will be taken to etsy:

Shopify Setup

Next click Allow Access, and you will be returned to LeadDyno, where you can configure your Affiliate Coupon template:

Shopify Setup

Configuring Your Affiliate Coupons

You can set up the default discount information for your coupon in the Affiliate Coupon Configuration section. This configuration is similar to the Etsy Coupon Configuration dialog.

Discount Type

The discount type can either be a percentage or a fixed amount.


This is the amount of the discount. Note that a value of 20 means 20%.

Minimum Purchase

This is the minimum purchase amount for the coupon to be valid for.

Once you have filled in your coupon template information, click the Save Coupon Configuration button.

Creating Coupons For Affiliates

To create a coupon code for an affiliate, create a unique affiliate code for your affiliate.:

Shopify Setup

Note: Affiliate codes must be at least four characters long to be valid Etsy coupon codes.

Next you will need to activate this affiliate code as a discount code in Etsy by clicking the Activate Etsy Coupon button:

Shopify Setup

If you ever decide to deactivate the affiliates coupon code, you can click the Deactivate Etsy Coupon

Shopify Setup

Configuring Or Disconnecting From Esty

If you wish to disconnect from Etsy or adjust your Etsy configuration, you can return to the E-Commerce Services Tab of the Integrations section:

Shopify Setup

Purchase Synchronization

LeadDyno will sync with Etsy purchase information every four hours, so you may not see purchase information immediately.

You can sync immediately by clicking the Sync Etsy Purchases Now button in your Etsy configuration:

Shopify Setup


At this point your Etsy shop will be fully integrated with LeadDyno. Good luck selling!