Formstack Affiliate Tracking Guide


LeadDyno affiliate tracking integrates easily with Formstack forms. Below are the easy steps to do so.

Copy Tracking Code From LeadDyno

First you will need to copy the tracking code from leaddyno. Simply go to this page:

Make sure that “Automatically Track Lead Forms” is checked and click Copy Code.

Add to your Formstack Form

Next you will need to add a javascript element to the form that you wish to track.

Drag a “script” element onto your form, and ensure that there is an email field on the form. LeadDyno requires an email field in order to properly track leads.

Recurly Hosted Payment Pages Settings

Click on the new script element and enter the code you copied from LeadDyno into the script editor on the lefthand side:

Recurly Hosted Payment Pages Settings

Save your form, and you are done!


With this easy technique, you can start creating LeadDyno-powered Formstack forms quickly and easily, powering more leads and giving you a better handle on where your leads are coming from.