Coinbase Integration Guide


LeadDyno offers a comprehensive integration with Coinbase. This allows paying affiliate commissions in bitcoin as well as accepting and tracking bitcoin-based purchases. All conversion to fiat currency is handled by coinbase and happens at the time of the coinbase transaction.

Enable LeadDyno tracking for purchases

Install Visit Tracking Code

The first step to enable the integration is to make sure that you are properly tracking visitors through the LeadDyno’s Visitor Tracking functionality.

There is one additional line of javascript required for Coinbase functionality:


A complete example of the LeadDyno javascript, including Coinbase functonality, would look like:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  // If you use multiple sub-domains, set the root domain here
  // LeadDyno.domain = "";
  LeadDyno.key = "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY";

Where "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY" is replaced with the public key from your user page above.

Enable Coinbase Callback

The next step in enabling LeadDyno to track purchases that occur in your coinbase account is to configure your coinbase account to notify LeadDyno of purchases.

From within your coinbase account, on the left menu select Merchant, then choose Merchant Settings.

Coinbase Merchant Menu

Coinbase Merchant Settings

And then fill in the following URL into the Callback URL field and click Save Changes:

Replace **YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY** with your private API key found on the [LeadDyno Dashboard](

Coinbase Callback URL

Generate Coinbase Buttons

Now you can generate Coinbase purchase buttons, pages and iframe widgets to be placed on your website to capture purchases like normal. Simply use the tools found on your Merchant Tools page. For more details, see the Coinbase documentation.

Any purchase that happens using the Coinbase provided widgets will be tracked by LeadDyno.

Pay affiliate commissions with bitcoin via Coinbase

To pay affiliates using coinbase, navigate to the LeadDyno Payment Integration Settings page and select the Connect to Coinbase button.

Coinbase Merchant Settings

You will be prompted to allow LeadDyno access to your coinbase account.

Now when you navigate to the Pay Affiliate Commissions page in the LeadDyno dashboard, you will see a new blue Coinbase button on each affiliate who is owed a commission. Click this button to pay the affiliate via coinbase.

Coinbase Affiliate Payment

Note Coinbase handles all conversion from BTC to your local currency. LeadDyno assumes the currency you have configured in coinbase matches your currency setting in LeadDyno when recording affiliate payments.


At this point your account is fully integrated with Coinbase for both payment tracking of purchases as well as paying affiliate commissions.