Ecwid Integration Guide


LeadDyno offers a One-click integration with Ecwid-based stores, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your online shop.

Connecting To Ecwid

First visit the E-Commerce Services Tab of the Apps section:

Or click Here if you already have a LeadDyno account.

Find the Ecwid app, and click Add.

Ecwid Setup

You will be redirected to your Ecwid store, possibly being asked to login if you are not already logged in.

You will then be asked to grant permission to the LeadDyno app. Click Accept.

Ecwid Authorization

After a brief pause, you will be redirected back to LeadDyno, which should show you as connected:

Ecwid Connected

Coupon Code Integration

In order to track affiliates by coupon code with Ecwid, LeadDyno automatically uploads each new affiliate as a new Ecwid coupon, using their affiliate code as the new coupon code. You can adjust the default settings for these new coupons by clicking the Manage button.

Ecwid Settings

Choose the discount type and amount, then click Save.

That’s all there is to it!


At this point your Ecwid shop will be fully integrated with LeadDyno, which will track the source of all incoming leads, including affiliates and tracking campaigns. New affiliates will automatically create a coupon in Ewcid that can be used by affiliates. Orders using the affiliate’s coupon will be credited to that affiliate.