Slack Integration Guide


LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking and referral marketing system which is simple to install via the many e-commerce integrations. For more informaiton about LeadDyno, visit the LeadDyno Website

The LeadDyno Slack app allows you to get LeadDyno activity posted to a Slack channel such as new leads, purchases and affiliate signups.

Connecting To Slack

First visit the Online Tools Tab of the Integrations section:

Slack Setup

If you have a LeadDyno account, click here. If you are new to LeadDyno, you can signup here.

then click Connect:

You will be asked to log into Slack:

Slack Setup

Once you log in, after a brief pause, you will be redirected back to LeadDyno, which should show you as connected:

Slack Setup

If you want to choose exactly what LeadDyno activity is posted to your Slack channel, you can customize it by pressing the Edit button, and then choosing the events you want to be sent to Slack.

Slack Setup

You can disconnect LeadDyno from sending Slack notifications by clicking the Disconnect button.


That’s it! You will now get real-time notifications in your Slack channel when activity happens on your site.