Squarespace Integration Guide


LeadDyno offers a very simpley integration with Squarespace, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your online Squarespace shop.

Configuring Your Squarespace Site

To integrate Squarespace and LeadDyno, you will need to add a bit of code to your Squarespace site via the Code Injection Subsection of the Settings UI:

Squarespace Setup

First you will need to add the LeadDyno tracking code to every page. To do this, add your tracking code from this page:


To the section entitled Footer:

Squarespace Setup

Order Confirmation Page Code

The next step is to add the following code to the Order Confirmation Page:

		<script type="text/"javascript" src="https://static.leaddyno.com/js"></script>
  LeadDyno.key = "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY";

Where your public key (from the code above) is substituted for YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY above.

Squarespace Setup

Enabling AutoApprove (Optional)

Because purchase information is coming from the LeadDyno javascript library, purchases must be approved before affiliate commissions are generated. If you find this a hassle and want to simply automatically approve purchases, you can enable “AutoApprove” of purchases by clicking the “AutoApprove” button on the purchase screen in LeadDyno:

Squarespace Autoapprove


At this point your Squarespace shop will be fully integrated with LeadDyno, which will track the source of all incoming leads, including affiliates and tracking campaigns.