Tremendous Integration Guide


This guide explains how to integrate Tremendous LeadDyno in order to pay affiliates via gift cards or bank transfers.

Sign Up For Tremendous

If you do not already have a Tremendous account, you can sign up HERE.

Setup Your Tremendous Account

Detailed information on how to configure your Tremendous account can be found in their help documentation. You will need to add funds to your account, and setup at least one campaign to decide which gift cards an affiliate can choose and if you want to allow bank transfers.

Connecting to Tremendous

First visit the App Store from within LeadDyno:

App Store

Scroll down to the Affiliate Payment Apps and find the Tremendous app and click Add.

Tremendous App

You will be redirected to Tremendous, and if you are not already logged in, you may be asked to login. After logging in, you will be asked to allow LeadDyno to access your Tremendous account.

Authorize Tremendous

After clicking AUTHORIZE, the connection will be established, and you will now see the Tremendous app listed in the Installed Apps. Everything is connected, you can now configure which Tremendous campaign to use by clicking Edit.


Configure Tremendous Settings

From the Edit page, you can select your Tremendous campaign to use for affiliate payouts. This determines which gift cards and/or if a bank payout option is offered to the affiliate when they redeem their payout.

Configure Tremendous

Making Affiliate Payouts

Once connected to Tremendous, you can now pay commissions using Tremendous. Navigate to the Commissions page from within LeadDyno. You can pay multiple affiliates at once using Tremendois. Select all the currently due commissions you wish to pay by checking the box next to the affiliate(s) you wish to pay.

Commissions Via Tremendous

In the Pay Selected Affiliates dropdown, select Pay via Tremendous payout.

Payout Via Tremendous

You will receive a confirmation the payouts were successfully submitted to Tremendous.

Payout Success

Clicking on the Paid Commissions tab will show you the payouts paid via Tremendous, along with their reward number that matched up to the reward from the interface.

Payout History


LeadDyno seamlessly integrates with Tremendous for bulk affiliate payouts. Tremendous offers a number of gift card choices as well as using bank transfers to pay your affiliates!