Weebly Integration Guide


LeadDyno offers an integration with Weebly, making it incredibly easy to get an affiliate program going for your Weebly site. After completing this guide, your LeadDyno account will be setup so that you will have complete visibility into your site’s visitors, leads and purchases, including crediting affiliates for traffic in which they send to your store.

Enable LeadDyno tracking in your Weebly site

To enable LeadDyno tracking code in Weebly, you will need to add our javascript to your site. After logging into your admin account, go to Settings, then select the SEO tab, insert the following Javascript in the Header Code section:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://static.leaddyno.com/js"></script>
      LeadDyno.key = "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY";

where YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY is replaced with your public LeadDyno API key. Not sure what your public API key is? You can find it on your LeadDyno tools page.

Follow the corresponding instructions for purchase tracking from our installation page.

An installation using our Paypal integration is documented below:

Weebly Integration


At this point your Weebly site will be fully integrated with LeadDyno.