ZohoCRM Integration Guide


LeadDyno offers an integration with ZohoCRM, allowing instant lead creation in ZohoCRM whenever LeadDyno captures a lead.

This guide consists of several parts:

  • Instructions on how to generate the required AuthToken in ZohoCRM.
  • Configuring your LeadDyno account to connect to your ZohoCRM instance.

Generate Auth Token Inside ZohoCRM

To generate Auth Token in browser mode, do the following:

  • Log in to Zoho CRM.
  • Click (the Settings icon) > Setup > Extensions & APIs > APIs > CRM API.
  • Click the Settings icon and click the Authentication Token Generation link.

ZohoCRM Settings

  • Enter your Application Name as LeadDyno.

ZohoCRM Auth Token


  • User Auth Token must be kept confidential.
  • Do NOT expose your Auth Token anywhere in public forums, public repositories or on your website’s client side code like HTML or JavaScript.
  • Exposing it to public may lead to data theft, loss or corruption.

Sample Response:

#Wed Feb 29 03:07:33 PST 2012
  • Copy the value from the AUTHTOKEN line above.

Enable ZohoCRM Integration Inside LeadDyno

Visit the CRM Tab of the Integrations section:

ZohoCRM Setup

If you have a LeadDyno account, click here. If you are new to LeadDyno, you can signup here.

then click Connect:

Fill in your API Token using the value from the AUTHTOKEN created in the last section, and click Connect.

ZohoCRM Setup

Your ZohoCRM connection should now be active. New leads will be automatically sent to your ZohoCRM account. The Lead Source will be set as LeadDyno.

ZohoCRM Setup

You can disconnect LeadDyno from sending leads to your ZohoCRM account by clicking the Disconnect button.